Hair care through nutrition

Scientific research has shown that we have much more influence on

our body than we previously thought possible.

National Hair Loss Solutions is proud to be Australia's First Hair loss

company to offer this new technology.  It has enabled a greater success in providing our patients with the optimal hair regrowth capabilities by incorporating our already existing treatment ranges with an understanding of your individual body's need through this unique health and wellness program.

The Hair Profiler Analysis system puts you in the driver's seat, offering a positive push towards a healthier lifestyle.  This revolutionary new technology will create a complete health and lifestyle program specifically for you to follow over the next 90 days.

Megan and the Ballarat team at National Hair Loss Solutions are proud to be the first Trichology Centre in the Australia to have access to this superior technology.

The best care


All we need are 4 strands of your hair to scan.  We place those hairs including the bulb, onto our scanner and within 20 minutes, you receive a complete health analysis.

The analysis and readings of our unique Hair Profiler System are based on epigenetics, combining technology with science giving you the ultimate lifestyle analyser.

Epigenetics is the study of the everyday influences which affect our total body balance including diet, lifestyle, food intolerance, electromagnetic fields, nutritional support and so much more.

Your 30 page report provided you with suggestions and trackers for the next 90 days with self assessment activities to do along the way.

What you get...

Your consultation will take approximately 1 hour.


We begin with a short question and answer time and Megan extracts 4 of your hairs from your nape area to place on our Epigenetic scanner.


While your hair information is being digitally mapped and sent to our Laboratory in Germany, we will continue with our hair and scalp assessment using our Trichoscope, a thorough discussion around histology, diet, lifestyle, medications and supplements is undertaken to evaluate your individual situation.

In approximately 20 minutes, your results are returned via an email to Megan.  She will then send you a copy and discuss your results in detail with you. (Your details are only kept in our lab for 48 hours before being destroyed and only one version of your results are kept in Megan's file for privacy issues).  

Your personalised report includes:

* 9 categories of Nutrition which covers almost 800 individual influences

* Environmental influences, including electro-magnetic currency and how they affect your immune system.

* A list of foods to avoid over the next 90 days

* A list of food additives you are affected by, as well as information of the most common

* A 90 day wellness plan tailored to your personal mapping results

* Comprehensive list of foods to add to enhance your health and well being

* Self- check activity trackers to help you monitor you own progress.


Megan will contact you every 30 days to ensure you get the most out of your program.


You are provided with a digital copy of your 30 page health and immunity report and a 90 day plan for optimising health and wellness.

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