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Hair loss and scalp concerns

Do you really want to know why your hair is falling out?

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Consultations may be online or in person during Covid-19

Hair Health Through Nutrition

Discover how your diet and lifestyle directly affect the health of your hair and scalp with this state of the art technology.

All you need to do is provide 4 of your hair strands and we will send you a 30 page report tailored to our specific needs.

Hair and Scalp Products

All of the products we recommend and prescribe our patients are of the highest quality, vegan and ethically sourced.

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Taking care of your hair health

Call Megan Wright IAT with your concerns
Number 1 Hair Loss Clinic in Ballarat

Due to Covid-19, we are currently providing patients with an online option for consultation as well as face to face consultations.

Strict Covid-19 guidelines are implemented within the Ballarat Business centre and National Hair Loss Solutions Trichology Centre.

Regional Victoria's leading hair loss expert Megan Wright practices holistic approach to hair loss and all treatment plans are specifically created with  you in mind.

The information provided for your individual concern will be thorough and  obligation free.

Certified Practising Trichologists are permitted to display the International Association of Trichologist Certified Logo.

To ensure you Hair Loss specialist is legitimate, please make sure the Certified Trichologist logo is on the website. 

Megan Wright IAT


Kerry, Ararat,  VIC

"We have found Megan to be very helpful and professional in dealing with a problem the general medical world struggled to find an answer for.

We would happily recommend Megan to anyone who is suffering with a hair related problem."

Jane, Ballarat,  VIC

"I am fortunate to be able to say that I am proof that Megan's hair loss treatment works!

Within approximately 3 months my hair started to grow back.

I have full confidence in Megan's program and with heartfelt appreciation I say thank you."

Anna, Ballarat,  VIC

"I cannot recommend Megan Highly enough.

I thoroughly endorse her services and her products."



Tel. 0438-432-390


Post/Product pick-up:

Ballarat Business Centre
706 Sturt Street,
Ballarat CBD, Victoria
Australia 3350



Tel. 0438-432-390

Ballarat Business Centre
706 Sturt Street,
Ballarat CBD, Victoria
Australia 3350

Consultations are by
Appointment only

No referral required



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