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Hair Fact

Hair Fact is a cyclical therapy specifically formulated to create the optimal scalp environment for heathy hair. This revolutionary therapy is taking the hair loss world by storm.

The Men's and Women's Hair Fact is a 4-month cyclical therapy which has been specifically formulated to actively promote a healthy hair and scalp environment.

Please seek medical advice if you are taking any medication and vitamin supplements are not to be taken as a food replacement or to replace a well-balanced diet.

Read the instructions thoroughly prior to beginning this supplement.


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Hair Fact Men Kit
Hair Fact Women Kit

Trichogel is a great alternative to Minoxidil and for those people who don't wish to use or cannot use Minoxidil and is suitable for most ages.

Trichogel is:

  • Is gentle on the skin with low irritation
  • Revitalises hair lustre
  • Repairs and restores hair vitality
  • Reduces the signs of aging
  • Moisturises the scalp