The best care possible...

Hair loss and scalp conditions are traumatic to say the least.

Trichologists determine the underlying triggers and reasons for your hair and scalp condition.

Our consultations take approximately 1 hour of time dedicated specifically for you, so that we can find out the root cause of your concern.

Megan Wright is an holistic Trichologist which means she works alongside your GP or other health care professional for the best outcome possible.


We will treat your hair and body with organic and natural preparations minimising the risk of side effects or contraindications with any pharmaceuticals you may already be taking.

What to expect during a consultation...

Consultations are strictly confidential and take approximately 1 hour.

You will be asked a series of questions which gather relevant information pertaining to your genetics, diet, lifestyle, medications and other important factors.

You will be asked to supply any recent blood test results (if applicable) as well as a list of medications/dietary supplementation you may be taking both at the time of consultation as well as in the past 6 months.

Your Trichologist will also look closely at the health of your hair and scalp using a Trichoscope (non-invasive microscope).

Once a thorough assessment has been made and you have all the information you need, an individual treatment plan will be presented to you.


National Hair Tech Solutions plan is to offer our patients the best, most reliable, easy to follow treatment plan.  

Our aim is to answer your questions and work together with you to rectify your hair and scalp concern.  We do not provide 'band-aid' fixes.  Only real advice which you can actually utilise to improve your current condition.

Our consultations are obligation free and require no ongoing program costs.

Healing Hair Loss from within