Trichology is the science of the hair and scalp. A Trichologist is to your hair and scalp what a dermatologist is to the skin on your face and body.

Trichologists treat the dis-eases,  conditions and causes that affect human hair as well as hair loss and scalp problems associated with it.


Through Trichology we can better understand the cause(s) behind hair loss and treat the disorders accordingly.

A trichologist studies and treats hair and scalp ailments and focuses on the process of regrowing hair. Trichologists search for answers by getting to know your personal health history, lifestyle, genetic factors and environmental conditions. Details such as medications, whether you suffer from hormonal imbalance, if you are under a lot of stress, or have nutritional deficiencies, are all fundamental to a trichologist.

Based on this information a hair specialist will in fact be able to properly assess your case and suggest treatment plans and lifestyle changes that will improve your hair growth and benefit your scalp.

Trichologists are paramedicals, which means that they supplement and support medical work. Your physician and your health specialist should therefore work together in order to better understand whether your hair loss can be associated with medical problems or deficiencies that your doctor can help resolve.

Trichologists are specifically trained on hair and scalp health, which means that, unlike dermatologists, they have a complete understanding of how hair loss works and how best it can be treated.

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All consultations are conducted in our private suite and include a thorough discussion as well as a visual investigation of your hair and scalp using our Trichoscope.

Upon consultation completion, you will be presented with all of the options available to you for successful treatment of you concern.


Trichology is the scientific study of hair and scalp disease.

Our Certified Trichologist will help identify you hair/scalp problem and offer preventative measure and treatments for a myriad of concerns including hair loss, reduced hair volume and scalp issues.

Our responsibility is to provide you with the answers to your concerns and the treatment options available to you for the best outcome.

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Hair Analyser and Profiler

The health of our hair and scalp is fundamentally dependent on our physical health and well being.

National Hair Loss Solutions if the first Trichology Company to be permitted to offer this latest in Hair analysis technology.

This new program will create an individual program specifically created using your own hair bulb data.


Kerry, Ararat,  VIC

"We have found Megan to be very helpful and professional in dealing with a problem the general medical world struggled to find an answer for.

We would happily recommend Megan to anyone who is suffering with a hair related problem."

Jane, Ballarat,  VIC

"I am fortunate to be able to say that I am proof that Megan's hair loss treatment works!

Within approximately 3 months my hair started to grow back.

I have full confidence in Megan's program and with heartfelt appreciation I say thank you."

Anna, Ballarat,  VIC

"I cannot recommend Megan Highly enough.

I thoroughly endorse her services and her products."

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