Hair loss is not a disease or sickness and cannot be cured with a few days of medication.  We need to provide external stimulation and support with nutrition required for hair to respond positively. 


Just like washing your face and applying moisturizer, the concept is CARE not CURE.


All growing cells require toxin free environments.  Each hair follicle demands cell nutrition to ensure growth and strength.  Hair Fact has been formulated specifically for women and targets the hair and scalp to ensure the correct levels of nutrients are prescribed.


This is a holistic approach which utilizes vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and herbal combinations to strengthen the hair roots and promote hair growth. Most men and women have iron, calcium, zinc, selenium and amino acid deficiencies which also present as poor thyroid function – all of these are addressed with the supplement program.


The Hair Fact kit program provides 6 different oral supplements in a cyclical method, where each is given twice a week.


Hair Fact for Men is Australian made and researched by a team of clinical specialists.  It has been approved by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia) and is also FDA and GMP certified.  Each kit provides a 4 month supply of supplements.  It is essential to continue the 4 month program before results are visible.  

Hair Fact for Men (4 month kit)

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